How lean thinking and Smart Trucks solve logistics challenges

Logistics is often essential to business success, becoming a key differentiator more and more. Following global trends, such as e-commerce and digitalisation, the material handling industry is changing and adapting quite quickly. Customers are expecting their goods or packages to be delivered as quickly as possible, and therefore your business needs to be as efficient as possible.

Connectivity is key in logistics

The value of connectivity cannot be ignored in today’s challenging logistics systems, in helping to eliminate waste. We want to make a serious contribution to improve efficiency, and encourage leaner logistics operations across Europe.

Connectivity will play a key role in this. We are already living in a connected world, with access to everything and everyone at the touch of a button. New, higher standards are being set continually, shaping everyone’s expectations. Things need to move quickly, need to be measured accurately, and be continuously improved, for maximum performance. To add value at any stage of the process. The same applies to material handling and truck utilisation.

The world is changing, creating challenges in material handling

Your operations need to be lean: a smooth logistics flow, with total elimination of waste. Lean logistics and a continuous flow is a challenge now, and even more in the future. That's why we always strive to deliver the best solutions to help you implement a lean production flow. Our mission is to support you in minimising the number of transportation movements and maximising the speed from reception of goods all the way to the final delivery point.

Prepare for your logistics future with Smart Trucks

Did you know that the average utilisation levels of a forklift fleet is only around 35%?This means 65% is waste that can be eliminated, whether it’s lost time, cost or damage.

Our aim is to work with you to share our thinking and help you to improve efficiencies at every stage of the process. With connected forklifts you can be in control of your operation, eliminate all waste and work towards a lean operation. You will be able to measure and improve. Even measuring and taking action from a distance: anywhere and anytime in a connected future…

Smart trucks will help you to increase productivity in your operations, and offer tools to deliver better health & safety, eventually minimising cost and eliminating waste.  By having a smart truck today, you are ready to start measuring. This offers you better service and eventually even predictive service in the future, giving you a competitive advantage. This will result in less downtime in your operations, which will be more productive and efficient, saving you both time and money.

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Lean thinking in logistics

At Toyota we have a worldwide reputation for lean thinking in our company, and we benefit from continuous improvements by adopting new technologies in our own logistics operations. With the goal to become a market leader in material handling solutions and services, we're investing in technology and embarking on a digital journey.

We use the lean principles and apply them to logistics processes, with the same goals – elimination of waste, maximum value-added and total quality, which means the right goods, in the right place, at the right time. We aim to be lean and work in an efficient way so that we can understand you and your business. Not only to share our thinking, but also to work with you and help you to improve efficiencies at every stage of the process.

Our vision on Smart Logistics
Le chariot élévateur automatisé de Toyota stocke des palettes dans un entrepôt

Solutions Autopilot

Notre gamme de chariots et de navettes automatisés constitue une solution innovante et flexible qui facilite la manutention des marchandises, la rend efficace et économique.

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Chariots du futur

Technologie d'avenir

Des solutions intra-logistiques intelligentes et notre approche Logiconomie vous sont offertes aujourd'hui, pour demain.

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Responsable visualisant le logiciel I_Site de gestion de flotte sur un IPad

Gestion de flotte I_Site

I_Site connecte votre flotte de chariots élévateurs, en collecte les données, permet d'obtenir une vision claire et en temps réel de leurs performances et de comment les améliorer.

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Système de Production Toyota (TPS)

Notre mode de production inspire directement les meilleures pratiques du lean management. Nous produisons à la demande, uniquement ce qui est commandé.

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